I would like to thank Tiny Shooter’s Camp Chemo fund raiser at Fat Harolds and everyone involved with Camp Chemo for allowing me to perform and help raise money for the kids. And a special thanks to Scott Beasley for his auctioneer work. All the DJ’s including John Barkley (Johnny B),  Lamar Walker, Scott (YoungBlood) Smith, Curtis Treece, Mike Worley, John Hall and I am sure I have missed some others.

I would also like to thank Cammy Award Winner Ray Scott and Riptide Radio for allowing me to sing on their International Internet Radio during Ray Scott’s live broadcast on Friday Afternoon at Cammy Award Winner Deckerz Bar & Grill. Thanks to all the Riptide DJ’s for adding my New release to their playlist.

Mostly I would like to thank Steve Owens for helping me and my producer J.K. Loftin promote my new song and the Carolina Moon Compilation from Cape Fear Studios. And The Summertime Band for learning and performing Runnin Blue at Fat Harolds Beach Club.



My first release from my upcoming CD is out on a compilation CAROLINA MOON from Cape Fear Studios, The song is Running Blue and is getting great reviews.The CD features songs by Sylvia Richie, Blackwater Rhythm and Blues, Feature Attraction Band (FAB), Dan Thomas and Leroy Harper.

Comments from the Area DJ’s Fessa John Hook “Great for the Roadhouse Show and cross over to Beach Top 40 Pat Gwinn “Adding to Kool Winds Radio and and At The Beach”, Shaun Lamm “Great Song”, Darrell DJ Heavy “Good Stuff”, Ray Scott “Adding to Riptide playlist” Lamar Walker “Sounds Great”, Andy Lucy “Great Stuff”, Mike Brooks “Love It”


I Have a surprise announcement coming next Week. I think this will be the start of something big. For those who have supported me, thanks so much. IF you have not had a chance to help check out the link below


I have started a GoFundMe page to help with the expense of recording, producing and distributing a CD of my original Music. If you like what you hear your donation will help bring my original music to more people. Just click on or copy and paste

My original song, I WANNA SHOW YOU is currently getting air play on Big John Ruth’s Sunday show on 88.9 in Raleigh, Joey Warren’s internet show every morning on and many other stations in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia. I would like to thank all the DJ’s and fans who are supporting the Beach Music genre. 5-1-2017